“I would not have been able to go ALL NATURAL without God placing Connie in my path. She helped my husband and I to prepare for the birth; through the labor and delivery; and most importantly in assisting me in the postpartum period. Thank you!"

Tera Faso - CJ born 1/17

“Connie's services were invaluable, specifically her knowledge, massage techniques and postpartum services - she made the process more comforting and enjoyable. Keep up the good work!”

Brian Faso - a husband's perspective

"I am a therapist in the community that works with mothers overcoming maternal stress. One way that I have been able to support my clients is connecting them with Connie. Connie has been able to facilite safe, loving deliveries. I have learned that often, it is the mothers who need to be "delivered", not just the babies! Connie is the type of Doula who is capable of facilitating this type of service."

Kris Arana, LCSW - Memorial Healthcare Systems

"Anyone that thinks you don't need a doula when they have a c-section is wrong! Connie was a wonderful comfort and help to me and my family before, during, and after this major surgery. She did not leave the baby's side from the time my husband came out of the delivery room with her. She also demanded a breast pump so I could start pumping which saved me since my baby was too small to latch on. I would recommend Connie to anyone regardless of whether they deliver naturally or by c-section".

Erin Brashears - Chloe, born 5/15

"Having Connie as my doula for the birth of my daughter Riley, was a wonderful experience. She was available and invested in me even before my delivery. From phone calls after my doctor visits, to her experienced advice, I felt cared for and comforted throughout my pregnancy. I had to be induced a week before my due date and Connie met me at the hospital shortly after I arrived. She spent some well-appreciated time massaging my poor, tired(swollen) feet ,and offered her words of wisdom and encouragement tirelessly. She could never take the important role of my husband, but that was the beautiful thing: she wasn't trying to. She was a welcomed, added support person that I am blessed to have had! and....anyone that can sleep on a fold out chair in the hospital is a winner in my book! Thanks Connie!"

Pam Behan - Riley, born 3/18

"After having a doula for the birth of my first son, I already knew how invaluable doulas are to Moms who desire a natural, med-free birth. In searching for a doula for my second birth, I happened across Connie's website, and boy am I happy I did! Connie provided awesome support throughout my pregnancy, and it was so amazing to have her help me maintain control at the birth. My water broke 4 days before my due date, but labor never began and I ended up having to be pitocin-induced. I was a bit of a basket case at the thought, since I knew labor was going to be that much harder with pitocin contractions. Connie met us at the hospital when we arrived and through the powers of prayer, massage and controlled breathing, I'm happy to say that even with the induction, I was able to achieve my goal of an epidural and narcotic free birth. It's an experience I will remember and treasure all my life, and I'm so happy Connie was there to help us through it. God Bless!"

Sarah Roberts - Nathan, born 6/14

"Connie was an angel! Came into my life at the perfect time, and met all my expectations

and more. She was wonderful, caring, attentive to my needs, could not have asked for more.

Connie will always be very highly recommended to anyone in the future who can benefit from

her services and friendship. Thank you again for all that you have done, I would not have been able to have my 3rd baby at home without your expertise, your presence, your prayers, your help, and your friendship. May God continue to bless Connie and use her as an 'angel'."

Sylvie Vazaios - Danielle, born 5/1

"Every one of my deliveries has a unique story as one might expect, but Elizabeth's was by far, hands down the best of four. You could probably argue that by the fourth delivery my body already knew what to do but I beg to differ. Connie's comfort techniques combined with tips to relax and a great deal of stamina made all the difference in the world for me. I credit her influence and input with a speedy delivery and a quick labor. I can honestly say there was a huge difference. The massages she administered during the contractions did wonders to move along the birthing process and control the pain. In between she provided heartfelt, sincere tender loving care and comfort. I was more than blessed to have her be a vital part of my labor and delivery experience. She will always be a very special part of my family."

Cali Blalock - Elizabeth, born 2/26


      My name is Andrew Anderson. I am the father of Ava Anderson. Before my daughter was born, my wife Jillian Ragoonath and I attended several birth preparation classes in order to prepare ourselves for the labor process. The classes were very long and the instructors gave us so much information that it became almost impossible to retain or understand exactly what was to take place during the birth process. After attending about four classes, Jillian and I discussed that we were going to need help because she was very nervous and she did not understand the physiology of birth and neither did I.

She expressed to me that she thought she would need a lot more emotional support than I may think. I was very understanding of what she meant, so I said, “I know what to do"! “You just tell me what you want and I will do it - besides I have been to all the classes, I know all the massages to perform and the position in which you should lay.” She said "That’s not going to work, we are going to need a doula" I said, "a what"? A doula, what is that? She said a doula is a person that is experienced in the birth process she would be a helping hand for me and will guide by experience and help with the practicalities needed before, during and after the birth.

And that’s when is all started. With a few days to go and no one to turn to but ourselves, the situation became very real; real enough for us to contact Connie (doula) and ask her to set up an appointment. On the afternoon that we met with Connie, she politely introduced herself and began with a small segment of what her role was as a doula. After speaking with Connie, I became more comfortable with what my role was as a father. Connie proved to me that she was not just a doula she was also a friend and great one at that. She was able to keep me involved by demonstrating different techniques that I could use to keep my wife as comfortable as possible through the birth. Her presence was so helpful that the thought of doing this by myself seemed impossible. She was everywhere I wanted to be, helping throughout every moment, making sure that this birth was filled with good memories. If I was to use one word to describe Connie Kern, “magnificent” wouldn’t even do her any justice.

The experience of having Connie around was life changing. She is a friend that was priceless during this precious time of our life. Words cannot express how thankful we are that we met her. I highly recommend Connie Kern for anyone who has never had a doula or in need of one; she recognizes birth as a key life experience that mothers will remember throughout their lives. She understands the physiology of the birth and the emotional needs of a woman in labor. She assisted me and my wife in preparing and carrying out our plans before and after birth. Connie provided emotional support and physical measures that I would not have been able to do without her assistance. In conclusion, Thank you Connie!!

Andrew Anderson and Jillian Ragoonath - Ava, born 2/7

Pain is all a matter of degree and is relieved more by relaxation than control.Elizabeth Nobel